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Key features

Manage Stakeholders

Manage coaches and students under one roof.

Keep track of coaches and students  activities from your own academy mobile app.

This helps you to save a lot of time and to concentrate on expanding business 

Activity Log

Stop wasting hours of time scrolling through the messages, call logs and emails to identify how much to charge your student.

You and your coaches can log their class activity against a student or group. Automate the invoicing to your students while you watch a movie.

John (By) took David(who) a lesson about End game (what) on 26th Jan 7 PM at Titlis squares (where) until 9 PM (How long).


“Regular” or “BAU – Business As Usual” is key to the success of any chess academy.

Log & Monitor the attendance pattern of students or coaches to identify the irregularities and find measures to fix them if any.

Share attendance report easily to school management or parents.

Class Invoice

Get paid at a click of a button.

Schedule invoices to students and automated reminders for payments.

Dear parent, your payment of 570$ is due on 7th Oct. Please click this link to clear the payments

Online Certificate

Issue digital certificates and badges to the  best performing students.

This increases the engagement of the students and kindles eagerness to learn.


Calendars and Reminders

Publish and let your students know the changes to academy calendar 

You and your students will get notified about upcoming classes, appointments and  events.

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Frequently asked questions

Chesspanel is a platform for chess coaches and academy owners/admins to keep track of all the activities of their students and coaches. You get to see the class logs, students attendance, collect coaching fees, and whatnot!

Get in touch with us. We integrate a completely white-labeled platform under and the integration takes only 5 mins with simple instructions.

Get in touch with us. We provide you with a white-labeled academy-branded mobile app.

That’s the crux of Chesspanel – it helps you to keep a record of all the activities of not just you (the Admin or the Main coach), but also of other coaches (Sub coaches) in your academy. You can see what they have taught, to who, when, where, and how long.

Chesspanel lets you manage the data of all your academy students (including individual and school students). There is a dedicated Class Log for your academy, where you will see the entries submitted by all the coaches, and there is also a dedicated Class Log for each student, where you will the class details of a single student. 

As the Main Coach (Admin) of your academy, you can decide which students each of your Sub-Coaches can see (Students allocation). For example, if there are 200 students in your academy, you can allocate only 20-30 for a Sub-Coach and he/she will be able to see only those students on the platform. 

You can set the fees type for your students (periodic or per-class) and based on the number of classes they have attended (which you can see from their Class Logs), the fees will be automatically calculated. The invoice-generation process can also be automated. 

Definitely, you can easily add a new branch to your academy with just a few clicks. Also, if you feel there’s a need to grant the Admin access to certain coaches in each of your branches, you can do so and cut yourselves some slack. 

We support 3 payment gateways – Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe. If any of these is supported in you and your students’ country, we will set it up for you. 

Yes, students will have their own login, which they can use to see ONLY their Class Log and Attendance, and to make payments. 

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that’s right for you

CP Premium

500 $ /year

  • Unlimited Student Accounts
  • Unlimited Coach Accounts
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Manage Stakeholders
  • Attendance
  • Automated Invoice
  • Online Certifications
  • Calendars and Reminders


CP Elite

250 $/year

  • 100 Student Accounts
  • 5 Coach Accounts
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Manage Stakeholders
  • Attendance
  • Automated Invoice
  • Online Certifications
  • Calendars and Reminders


  • Manage Stakeholders
  • Automated Invoice
  • Attendance
  • Calendars
  • Online Certifications
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